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Here are the magic crafters that form the incredible team at RuniQ!

Thomas Wilson


Design - Art - Story - Dragon Breeder

After 22 years working for big video game companies, it was time to for me to take a leap of faith and build something from scratch. In my career, I've had the privilege to work on some of the world's most popular franchises including Guitar Hero, Spider-Man, Skylanders, Crash Bandicoot and Call of Duty. I'm now fully invested in a project that is extremely dear to my heart with a team whom I trust with my eyes closed. I'm like a kid again! Oh and spoiler alert for those who know me...there will be dragons! 



Production - Operations - Comics Guru

After working for 2 years in a comic book store, I decided to listen to my parents and find myself a "real" job... That's how I started as a gameplay programmer in 1998. Well, my parents really never understood that I could make a living with this wonderful job, but the important thing is that I still have so much fun working on these imaginary universes, with talented creators, in an incredible team! In the past I had the chance to work on great franchises like Spider-Man, Skylanders and Crash Bandicoot; Now is the time to stop messing with other people's toys and create a new intellectual property that will shine around the world!

Stéphane Gravel
Philippe Turcotte


Design & Scripting - Materia Expert

It’s been quite a ride since 2000, the year when I found a way to accomplish my childhood dream of making video games (FF7 anyone? ). Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with extraordinary people on plenty of incredible projects ranging from the small 3DS game to leading large design teams on Call of Duty. Now i want to be part of something special, something deeply personal, where together we will create game experiences that are built out of our passions.



Engineering - Mountain Bike Enthusiast

After all these years of programming games and mobile applications, I'm beginning to understand what makes me want to get up in the morning. I like to puzzle over complex problems. I need to take up technical challenges in the company of a group of trippy, passionate and inspiring friends. I want to build a work environment that looks like me, a place where we can balance the different aspects of our lives, accomplish great things and above all, not take life too seriously. Alright, let's have some fun!

Guillaume Audet
Thomas Rigaud


Animation - Smelly Cheese Lover

In 2003, I made my first 2D animation like a “FlipBook”. A goblin that walked in 4 frames, nothing spectacular, but I knew immediately that I had just found my calling. Since 2005, I animated everything that came to my hands in a multitude of varied franchises. From a biker to KidPaddle, from a gymnast to the Mad Hatter via Corvo, from Crash Bandicoot to Captain Price. Today, I have at heart to continue this wonderful journey in the company of an inspired and inspiring team.



Design - Art - Jack of All Trades

My path never was a straight one but something was always clear, a deep passion for illustrations and games. Games fueled my imagination and led me to draw all the imaginary worlds I could think of. I then became a tattoo artist for 15 years where I could explore the many facets of this profession... but the call of video games was strong so I went back to it and started working in the game industry. I worked on some of the biggest game franchises such as Skylanders and Call of Duty as well as many other projects where I could expand my knowledge of crafting a video game. Now it's time to put all of this to good use and create a world of our own.

Dave Bergeron
Louis Patalano


Storytelling - Bard

I have been to space and back - more than once! I fought dragons and even made friends with a few of them. I know all there is to know about outer space and fantasy worlds, and now I write stories for the young generation so they can go out on epic adventures!


Gabriel Lachance.png

Engineering - Jester

With my first look at programming at a young age, I was already convinced that this was my way. I did well to ignore the results of the test they made us pass to help us find a career path, because I would surprisingly be a zookeeper today. Instead, I dabbled in personal projects (I started with a Mario clone, like everyone) and advanced in my professional career to become the man/programmer I am today. My growing motivation and the experience I could gather allow me today to embark on projects that really call me. I’m always professional, but I also think that life shouldn’t be too serious. A legend tells that I was once a comedian (this is entirely false), ask me the story. Adventure awaits!

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